Here's what REAL customers have to say about my programs and advice:

Hi, Kate,

I don’t mean to be rude, but I didn’t expect your system to make much of a difference... It seemed too good to be true...

But the Master Plan - by God, was that amazing! I loved your examples and step by step instructions - it really made things easier. Anyway...


Mary, 25, Texas

Thank you, Kate!

It was a wee bit hard for me to stick to the program (I’m not the most patient of people), but it all turned out fine...

I’d been an emotional wreck before picking it up - your system changed that. I am finally at peace with myself and my boyfriend loves me like never before.

We’re happy. After a very long time, we’re actually happy.

Many thanks, love!

Rose, 35, London

I don’t know what you did or how you did it, but this man is ON FIRE for me right now. I’m so excited I could cry.

The best thing? Even when we fight, I know what to say to calm him down. And then we talk and we say sorry and we kiss and he says “I love you” and and and :D...

Thank you, Kate! Thank you a lot!

Deshawna, 29, New York

Hi Kate!

I have been awaiting the chance to email you. I followed everything you have shared, and before I even got your last several messages, he was already running straight back into my arms more in love than ever.

I don’t know what the hell you did, but you helped me out big time! I have relied diligently on your guidance, and even though I strayed a few times (lost control of emotion).

I somehow got it together ENOUGH to get him back.

I feel like we are stronger than EVER. We recently lost our first child back in September, so it took a massive hit on our relationship. It was almost like that was the straw that broke the camels back, and I KNEW when I lost the baby, he was going to freak out and split.

I was right.

But I ended up finding lovely little you, and following your steps, and I’ll tell you what.

This man is on FIRE for me.

He has been doing things he has never done before, says things he has never said before, and our sex has been absolutely insane.

He is talking about marriage and babies again. All things that had completely went away and weren’t even a thought in his brain. I really want to thank you.

I am still continuing to follow your guidance, and I hope to still receive email updates from you.

Even though this is contact via internet, it somehow helped me. The further I ran away, the faster he chased me! I don’t know how to thank you enough, I was so skeptical and DID NOT think this was going to work… but boy, did I get my baby back or what!

I am so happy I can’t even explain. thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

I got my baby back!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sharayah, 42, Chicago

Almost lost him. Now he's CRAZY about me! If it wasn't for your program... I wouldn't be happily married with the man of my dreams. I was just SO close to lose him. Until I found pretty little you. So dear Kate, this toast is for you! *drinking champagne*

Maria, 32, Sydney

Your Step-by-Step Plan was a Life-saver! Kate, I was just so confused as to what to do and say to him so he wouldn't pull away even further. Your detailed explanations and "made-for-you" messages really worked ! He's back... and now we're stronger than ever. Many thanks, dear !

Kirstin, 25, Dublin

Frankly I really expected to be asking for my money back, thinking it was just another one of those "ex back" guides. That is... until I went through it and started applying the techniques. Keep your money, Kate! You earned every penny!

Isabelle, 45, New Orleans