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As a general rule - take note that you're communicating to women.

This means craft your message so that it's more emotional than rational. Instead of features use a lot of emotional benefits.

This is the break-up cycle they're going through:

  1. Just broke up (usually got dumped)
  2. Angry first
  3. Starting to feel lonely and depressed
  4. Feels the need to call him
  5. Tries desperate solutions to get his attention
  6. Searches for help

NOTE: you're communicating to REAL women in delicate situations. They're emotionally devastated because of the break-up so please BE ETHICAL.


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Use the emails below to promote Ex Back Goddess to your list.

You can simply copy and paste them as they work really well, but I'd recommend adding a bit of personal touch, according to your past messaging and relationship with your list.

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ANGLE: VSL Intro Lead - Secret in the Garden


Plant this “Back Together” Seed in his Mind
Use this “Gardening Secret” to GET HIM BACK
GET HIM BACK from another woman...


As odd as it may sound, if your ex is rebounding… he’s still thinking of you.

Hey, [[NAME]] here...

It might sound a lil’ far fetched, but bear with me on this one.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Missouri found that up to ONE THIRD of people who had recently been in a break-up, got together with someone else to “rebound” from their relationship within a month of the split.

Quote of the day:

"People really do this as a way to get over or get back at their ex-partner in the aftermath of a breakup."

TIP #1: If you’re doing it, stop. Or at least think twice. You may be hurting yourself...

TIP #2: If your ex is doing it… he may very well still be thinking of you.

TIP #3:

Statistically speaking, most rebounds fail miserably.

He probably jumped on the first girl that seemed to offer him everything he THOUGHT you didn’t... or simply to fill your spot.

Once the hormones and the stress of the old break-up are gone, the rebound relationship ends because you find the new person to be of no more interest (or you actually see him like he truly is, not through an ex-filter).

You still want him back?

In this case, if you don’t act fast… it may cause permanent damage to YOUR relationship with him.

Making it difficult to get back together and .

If you feel deep down in your heart that he’s the one…

Don’t let time sabotage your relationship together..



Until next time !


ANGLE: Kate's Emotional Story


How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back <- [Kate's Story]
1 "sneaky" trick to GET HIM BACK - [Kate's Story]


Hey, it's [[NAME]] ...

Today I got a very inspiring and heart-shattering story to share with you.

It's about a dear friend of mine, Kate.

I remember several years ago, when her boyfriend broke up with her...


Did everything she could think of to get him back.

And when all hope was lost... she had a revelation.

I'll let you discover it for yourself by watching this short presentation she just put up. (NOTE: the ending may surprise you)


What I like best about the advice Kate gives is that it's aimed making your ex magnetically come back to you. NO begging or pleading required.

Her story motivated thousands of women around the world to get up on their feet and FIGHT for the man they were meant to be with.

And it's nothing short of fascinating...


You see, you CAN have that intense, loving and passionate relationship you've always desired with your ex boyfriend.

It all boils down to the step-by-step plan that Kate takes you through.

Oh and... did I mention that it's all based on scientific and psychological research?

If you want to have a second chance at love with your ex boyfriend, this video is the absolute best place to start:


Yours truly,

ANGLE: Bad News


Regarding your EX BOYFRIEND (BAD news)
can you really GET HIM BACK ?
93% of relationships CAN'T BE SAVED


If you're still looking for ways to re-capture your ex boyfriend's heart and make him forget about any other woman...

I got some bad news.

The harsh truth is... 93% of relationships CAN'T be saved.

Most couples make-up only to hop on the "make-up - break-up roller coaster" and that just leads to further heart breaking.

However, there's the other 7% of women that not only manage to get their ex boyfriends back... but enjoy a more devoted, intense and passionate relationship than ever...

You see, that small percentage of women don't just win...


If you want to be one of those women...

If you want your man back in your arms more committed than ever...

Stop whatever you're doing and .

Kate doesn't just talk the talk. She walks it.

Her story is amazing and it motivated thousands of women around the world to get up on their feet and FIGHT for the man they were meant to be with.

The best part ?

It's all based on scientific & psychological research. (yes, you heard it right)


She then tells you, step-by-step, exactly what to do to feel his arms gently grabbing you by the waist again...

Touching you like he did when you first met...

And telling you the 3 magic words you've been craving to hear for so long...


All the best,

P.s: When Kate starts to get into the "nitty gritty" details, you'll discover the 3 things your boyfriend secretly needs you to do in order to have that loving and fulfilling relationship you both deserve. (HINT: it's not what you think)




how to get "UMDUMPED" <- VIDEO


When Dave dumped Melanie two months ago, she was shocked…

When Dave starting dating that tasteless bimbo in HR, she was crushed…

Then Melanie did some research, and found this…


A few weeks later…

Dave’s back in Melanie’s arms… running his fingers through her hair… and holding her all night…

What happened?


She made herself “undumpable”.

See how she did it right here


P.S. If you’ve ever dreamed of getting your man back… The step-by-step plan Kate talks about in this presentation is just spot-on.

Check it out here:


ANGLE: 1 "sneaky" trick


1 "Sneaky" trick to make your EX BOYFRIEND come back


If you want your ex-boyfriend back but can’t even get him to answer your calls, you already know how awful it is…

That obsessive pain in your chest…

How you feel on the edge of tears every moment of every day…

How the thought of him talking to… touching… being with another woman just makes you sick…

The anger. The nausea. The horrible rejection.

And all those long, sleepless nights staring at the ceiling wondering WHY…?

WHY did he leave?

WHY won’t he talk to you?

WHAT did YOU do to make him walk away?

And HOW do you get him back, loving you, adoring you and promising never to hurt you like that again?

Well, if you really want him back (and I know how much you do), then you need to stop everything and go watch this video right now…


The reason this video is so important is because it teaches you 1 "sneaky" psychological trick so effective that your man will magnetically come back to you.

PLUS - it reveals the ONLY science-based plan to get him back in your arms more devoted than ever and maintain a passionate and exciting relationship like it was when you first met.



P.S. The reason I like so much the "Ex Back Goddess" program is because Kate basically tells you exactly what to do, step-by-step, so you can't really mess it up.

Just take a deep breath, follow the plan and you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to bring him back in your life…



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